The Self


By: Anthony Sylvester Raymond Wall 9/6/2019

Identity has a hierarchy of sequence nature.  There are five invisible, but still scientifically discernible natures of volume, as sequence nature.  These five bonded natures of volume, as forever nature, as sequence nature, they are bonded by one identity of value progression self-generating; the perfect value progression that revealed life this way.  Life's value progression is this.  And these bonded identities of sequence nature, they are also bonded by this one identity of value progression the way it is simultaneous nature, and the way it is its identity of volume's/value progression's complete volume's complete relationship to/as itself three ways distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously.  So the invisible is still discernible using science, and using scientific method actually scientific method.  Its attachment to all things is as its distinct, and is as its non-distinct, and as its simultaneous attachment to/as all things.  This is how Algebra was really revealed to be taught, as well.  Box sings: the sciences share an identity.  One identity of value progression that generated all others, it has complete, has semi, and has finite possession over its complete identity the way that is self-generating.  The five bonded complete, semi, and finite natures are itself (complete), and is itself as the body of space, and of existence simultaneously finite, and semi differentially.  It is not just a cool thing to say there is a hierarchy of sequence nature.

The five bonded identities of volume, as sequence nature, they are as follows.  These are also the five distinct, but bonded identities of truth's identity, and/or of logic's actually:


1.  The identity of the hierarchy of sequence nature true all ways, and not denying any exceptions, and/or nor valuing exceptions, or exception nature denied, or exploited by others, this is one identity of positive, or as truth.

2.  The second identity of sequence nature is the value of the order to/as the finite.  One identity is smaller than the most finite thing, and while as the identity bigger than every physical identity of value progression individually, grouped, and all at once.

3.  The third identity of the volume's sequence identities in sequence is the value of active quality of diffusion.  Qualitiy is its identity of relationship to/as its value progression and as the value of that to/as itself.

4.  The fourth identity of volume's sequence natures is forever nature as progression's nature of volume.  Our active quality of fact treatment nature, for example, it is already affected now by/as its progressive value now, too.  It is necessary to understand how semi-ancient value nature systems, and how modern ones, and as markets positions, how they were forced to force defenses of roles with/as them all tactically other than this value progression system's complete system.  And how it is complete is the most critical part about how its invisible body of value progression is still discernible using science.

5.  Each individual identity, or self, we are each a complete identity of volume, because this one identity of value progression will only stay its complete self, and its complete identity of relationship to/as itself, and the value of that.  It is more probable that the ancients revealed the name Lethe of Hades to describe a scientific phenomenon, and Hades being a scientific value.  Heaven, and Hell, they were revealed as scientific values to teach about this identity of value progression n demonstration to the many nations of the human species nature of volume.  Modern narratives, and semi-ancient narratives regarding Pantheism being about more than one identity of value progression were/are engineered.  The ancients also understood value in not agreeing about the name of this identity of value progression, even through that is required by sciences individually, grouped, and together.  Lethe of Hades, is forced space nature transfer.  And nature is this identity of value progression, is its identity of relationship to/as itself, and is the value of that.  For example, before earth was a relationship to the rest of the identity of value progressions of, and as space nature, and while being that, and beyond it further, we are more relationship to this identity of value progression's identity of relationship to/as itself, again, and the value of that.  For example, it's identity of relationship to/as itself is what reveals the fruits, and the gifts of life, and of evolution actually nature, or forcing it from here, earth's difference, if not let be that system of evolution here.  It is then forced to forced space nature transfer from earth's temporary difference.  Earth is most probably closest to the greatest inherent nature of volume this forever nature's complete identity of value progression already generated as volume.  Anthony, myself, I am also at

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