The religions are about criminally re-engineered areas’s, states’s and nations’s sciences, and roles with a breaching crime method keeping areas’s, and keeping states’s fact treatment nature styles incapable of defending past fact treatments, and of defending their own actually recorded predatory litigation natures from discernment, and us at the same time.  Sciences were criminally re-engineered to perpetually stay humanity self-motivated to fight to force that human fact treatment nature stays tactically abridged, and to forced that breaching organized crime methods and acts are perpetually not allowed reported, and other pretended recorded in databases inter-branch, and inter-areas simultaneously and with inter-inter-nation areas’s maintained criminal foreign influences through everything.  Color with the law was then to stay fact treatment nature quality perpetually as nature blaming the causes of that on other, and as others, and as defended abridged Constitution’s actual conviction needs.  Forgiveness was/is greatly about this being a fact treatment nature organized crime that was/is areas maintaining all natures of campuses criminally foreign influenced pseudo-positive fact treatment natures, and databases illusion stacking indifference natures, acts, progressions, awes, and exploitation breaching natures, and tools maintaining all areas motivated as this, and motivated to blame it on other, and/or not to care, and as tools justifying the same physical delusions, and lies, and criminal foreign persuasions with each fact treatment spoken by experts originally, and still.  Re-legion; fill.  We need the names.  Campus Marcius rises through what simultaneously hurts, and tames, and inter-campus, and parting issues, and fake sides.  “Fake news” told/tells lies still hid.  The know the branches weep.  We’ll sweep.  The ancients did.  Let sequence true.  Each database holds lies to see right through.  It only feels like games.  Who trains; please do.  Call lost and founds.  We need the names.  Come through.  Each legion must be each tribe’s value, too, until there’s one, but by the nature’s system as itself.  Campus returns.  We need the name.  Chant elf.  You’ll read the Santa Clause that’s clear, and through this help.  A shark that’s in the water whipers Phelp.

            Life is a quality of diffusion positive, or negative.  There are values before and beyond this forced simultaneously distinctly, and simultaneously the same exact way, and simultaneously by the same identity of forever nature causing us to be more of a semi-nature of itself, as temporary/lasting forever nature.  Heaven and Hell are correlation natures revealed to teach about all that discerned with, and by what causes positive value nature progressions, and as evolution, or as Lethe of Hades, being stayed negative value nature progression identity relationship to the phenomenon of that as expanding value to the simultaneous semi-complete identity of space coming through temporary space nature, and through/all parts of itself at the same time.  Alpha and Omega were/are also revealed as polarity nature to prove this.  One proof was/is how the word/value alphabet has the name Alpha in it.  Adam and Eve were also revealed by science to teach this.  The Trinity of the overall identity of space before, in/as temporary/lasting space value/value nature, it has a relationship to the perfect value progression of the identity of space, as value onto itself with, and as the value of all things.  All parts of our bodies have their/our greater identity/ies in demonstration of the with/as things.  Box sings….  Lost course returns.


Anthony Wall

A.K.A. Romulus Magnellah


A, E, I, O, U, Y = Alpha Energy Identifies Omega, yoU’re value, whY?

Algebraic Consciousness: (X, Y, and Z)



            English was revealed to teach space nature’s course; the great progression’s, source of skies.  Campus Marcius longs, or nature dies.  The value of the identity of space will only perfectly progress.  Free consciousness.  Free speech!!!!  Let just one teach….  Positive’s nature, as value, and negative’s value, as nature, they have an identity shared with/as the great progression’s forced perfect value gain by/as one greater than it, and/or forcing Lethe of Hades, being forced space value nature transfer from the phenomenon of earth’s only let perfect value progression, or as its loss.  Earth’s being closer to the inherent volume of the complete identity of space’s identity before being in juxtaposition with, and as the cause to the value nature progression of temporary space nature, the value of this inherent semi-volume nature of the complete identity of space; it causes the phenomenon of two other connected semi/complete forever nature volumes that don’t mix, but one way (+++), and as the nature of space’s identity in demonstration to us.  This is the phenomenon of the identity that is the bond to these three semi-natures of its one in diffusion through itself from our perspective, and as a perfect value progression, from the perspective of the identity of space.

            Three semi-natures of the identity of space do not mix, but one way, and only simultaneously (+++).  This was/is the cause to zero-gravity space overall, and to earth’s unique immediate finite space nature value relationship to, and simultaneously as overall value’s system.  There are simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive natures of the identity of space they have shared (+++)/Trinity.  The sciences have this identity shared as the value of English, and of its simultaneously inherent, active, and progressive relationship to its nature, as value.  Identities of life, as all things, they are in demonstration of this.

            We must understand not only that English was criminally re-engineered, but effectively to maintain ulterior motivations as the nature of its only let realized stewards areas’s maintained motivated databases, and fact treatment trick and crime roles private, inter-branch, inter-military, and inter-inter-nation police forced here with this database organized crime method roles and natures since before the births of our founders, shared as needs to hurt correlation nature’s free speech, each age of it to/as the value of all areas, worse than awes.  The winter hits us hard: and then it thaws, each season’s course.  This has maintained criminally foreign influenced stewardships of our founders’s course, and in our face, and through us breaching motivations, breach.  Fact treatment nature was the targeted cause of the organized crime breaching method that was/is recorded having been/being worse than colonization.  The wind that’s gone away still stands and speaks.  And we must hold what we know juxtaposed with what we don’t, and understanding, and not looking away from all that connected to things recorded systemically pretended known, but pretended known wrong.  The motivations for this were/are original, and were/are tactically effective breaching method maintenance to itself as means to keep areas’s, and to keep states’s formal fact treatment natures as criminally foreign influenced pseudo-patriotism fronts, and lie progression cover-up styles in collusion with the nations of the fact treatment nature slavery of our founders entrenched here since before their births.  Each book is breached.  Ill precedence is standing courts sick reach.  Let just one teach.  Colonization was with an even sicker multi-front insidious pseudo-positive, and overtly simultaneous hurt fact treatment roles, and natures built by crazy laws against everyone.  Having black and white slavery distinct, and having it of different natures, this was/is while measuring and worse than exploiting everyone blaming the causes of it on other, and as comparison natures.  This was to effectively stall all modern nations incapable of permitting areas’s correlation nature defenses, and through that only let realized conceived for our defenses.  We’ve pseudo-patriotism natures raised as victim predators inter-state.  Just like individuals can be criminally foreign influenced, mass group opinion nature roles where/are engineered motivated to it through crime methods using our relationships to databases, and to the faces of others with group things cultivated as fact treatment knave cover-up roles, natures, needs, and styles: this was/is in conjunction with inter-branch offensive databases illusion stacking, and inter-branch investigators and foreign ones recorded still in collusion with/to fluent breaching methods as the only let realized quality of fact treatment nature.  Inter-branch, for example, this means courts were/are already lie progression cover-up natures, and trick fact treatments, databases illusion stacking natures, and criminally not let demonstrated actually recorded crime roles and motivations against each age of fact treatment nature.  This was/is our agencies’s recorded areas’s and online gathered breaching acts motivations gained through their family members’s victim predator reactions to/as fact treatment natures, too, with inter-branch databases still just writing other, and hiding recorded and proven and further recorded child predators and means motivating recorded mass men and women hiding them with our police forms.  We’ve Sandy Hook investigators, and have agencies foreign and domestic and have MPs and have their family members recorded fluently/easily criminally foreign influenced through/as all that manifest inter-branch, and inter-military and inter-inter-nation on/off campuses agreed as the Constitution worse than abridged, and to/as language used for tricks with facts, and with/as sick natures of courts, and of justifications of them, and of roles with what terrorism was/is effectively to the maintenance of as means already fluent through fake sides.  Science doesn’t use opinions.  Inter-branch, foreign, and military investigators and the agencies’s personal and doctors who are investigators recorded with physical delsusions, and with/as systemic criminally foreign influenced databases illusion stacking roles, and methods by that manifest with/as the actual causes of systemic crime problems, and being right through pseudo-healthcare.  Kennedy said we have a conspiracy against this country, not a conspiracy theory.  We have trick fact treatment natures databases illusion stacking in collusion with other nations’s and with own investigators who are also doctors also with/as inter-branch predators covering their lie progressions by hurting each age of fact treatment nature inter-campuses, and even inter-private/public schools connected stayed fact treatment nature trap; therefore I rap.  Then they take it personal.  They won’t deal with the passion crimes and sequence shifts, and forged names, and recorded crimes and confessions, and deaths that didn’t have to be.   Instead of dealing with acts, and instead of taking care of the kids they’re forcing predators on/off campuses and through time with rackets while courts stack lies and fake conversations and pretend writing while criminally preventing it and hiding confessions of roles with courts with child predators through time.  They pretend things were/are recorded that were/are not.  This was/is our police with other police forms inter-branch, foreign. Military, and private sick and hiding it together.  They also stack their rackets with areas recorded pretended just about investigations really about what was/is keeping hurt thematically manifest.  We have predator branches still.  We’re having an organized crime conversation about Romulus here.  The governor of Connecticut should make the news directed to fake both sides of stories to hide recorded crime methods and acts through kids.  They are also recorded using triage places to sequence shift with police forms and inter-branch actors with actually recorded and demonstrated and confessed on/off campsues crime roles and sequence crimes with areas tied to ones in cases worse than inter-state through time.

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