English, Pantheism, and Allah

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            English was/is revealed to teach about the identity that the sciences share, and how, and why.  Our nature has an identity, and, too, it having an identity of relationship to itself, and as a part of our body, note, as semi-nature relationship to the complete nature value of our identity, each part of our identity/ies.  All things are a semi-nature relationship to the identity of existence/space in demonstration to the many nations of/as this, as the identity of, and as the value/value nature relationship that all temporary/lasting identities of value progressions have inseparable relationship/s to/semi-as.  Pantheism was/is about the one identity of existence/space in demonstration to the many nations.  The original ancients had been revealed to different languages, but had found this together.  English as revealed by a nature of inter-nation relations before they were criminally re-engineered, in semi-ancient times.  The original ancients had sciences that were about how to cause evolution this way.  They had revealed that sciences trying to develop ground/water positive (+), active body of value fact treatment nature simultaneously maintained positive (+), and the value of progressions maintained positive all ways, too, simultaneously (+); this causes evolution = (+++) and (+++).  Both ratiocination, and pseudo-ratiocination, they both share a progressively valuable relationship to this identity of existence/nature/space, Allah.  There are proofs that the science of the Campus Marcius was/is Pantheism.  Re-legion.  Legion, hear your name, yet stole and as the course.  It surges through all things: box sings of source.  The sciences share an identity: you know; of course.  One way is source, the great progression, path of skies.  Allah, is about the identity the Trinity, and that Yin Yang shares.  Who cares?  Each campus lied so long!  There’s pseudo-peace.  Campus Marcius rises in the east.  And Pantheism is about the identity of existence, space, spelled this way for this, note, distinctly, left to right, but simultaneously non-distinctly right to left.  And so this does not deny Arabic’s right to left, and Quranic sequence nature preservation of Allah’s simultaneously non-distinct relationship to all complete identities of value/value nature progression’s value.  All complete identities of value/value nature progression are simultaneously and unceasing semi-nature relationship to the complete identity of existence/space.  Box sings.  I tell you things; return.  Campus Marcius calls you home.  Your campus lied.  Who’ll learn?  Who’ll learn!?Let Native dreams be guide this day; return.  Who’ll learn.  English was/is revealed as a nature designed to demonstrate how the sciences share an identity; return.  All complete temporary/lasting identities, and/or value natures, note, inherently, actively, and progressively value, all temporary/lasting identities of value/value nature progressions, as complete identities of value, all complete identities of value are also further simultaneously unceasingly valuable semi-nature relationships to/as the perfect value progression of what is overall inherent, active, and is progressive value simultaneously in relationship to/as itself, Allah, per science, but as an invisible forever nature even greater in/as all temporary/lasting value nature progressions at once, and as what was/is a volume of its nature that won’t juxtapose with itself, as five semi-natures of itself.  Temporary/lasting space value nature progression/s will only ever be three semi-natures of/as this, but with/as these three semi-natures forced to gain in relationship to the two semi-natures of the complete identity of space, and of the identity of existence that is that extent, and as to further semi-natures, again, inseparable as a/the only let realized perfect value gain, and of the volume of the nature of our nature that is also positive onto the identity of nature, and/or so then forced only to gain the volume of negative value nature.  This is forced away from here, as Lethe of Hades, note, not as death.  They are two different values progressively.  The Trinity/Yin Yang is simultaneous phenomenon of two other semi-natures coming into temporary space nature’s perfect value progression because of/as this unceasingly; realize.  Be Trial Tribe/s.  Who’ll rise!!!?  Yes, it only feels like game.  Lost course survives.  To gain; who’ll rise?  https://www.ancientgamingsystem.com  https://www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall  Trinity decipher: https://youtu.be/FLfVxqG3qVE  Take a break with this counter-archetypal criminal enterprise criminal enterise cartoon episode from Little Rap Guy and Friends: https://youtu.be/AXK6gnop8_M  Box sings: the sciences share an identity, and its simultaneously unceasing semi-nature relationship to Allah.  https://youtu.be/Ju9TPUbrW4s another pulled over still cartoon: https://youtu.be/O-cb_cB-vWA  Pulled over: https://youtu.be/pXtbkLmGW7o  Little Rap Guy and Friends are first getting pulled over in this episode: https://youtu.be/tDi8GJkDHpY  Pulled Over: https://youtu.be/423WDnYUHrU Care: https://youtu.be/zm-sIbmOBHg



The identity of existence is a simultaneous nature, Allah, as a perfect value progression.  The identity of existence was a perfect value progression since before there was physical space.  This nature of progression stays beyond temporary space nature, and as truly honest science reveals.  It even heals: box sings.  I tell you things.  It was, is, and will only remain greater than, and while coming into temporary space nature.  The value of temporary/lasting space nature will only perfectly progress.  I tell it best.  Box sings.  The identity of space is a semi-nature of, and from within the identity of existence, its complete nature.  The identity of space, as a semi-nature to existence, it is simultaneously a complete nature to where/our natue is a semi-nature to it.  All things temporary have a semi-nature/complete body of value relationship then further to the identity of space, and to the identity of existence simultaneously.  Identity is a simultaneous nature.  Hearts are a value progression in demonstration of our nature’s relationship to a little bit more of the complete nature of existence gaining the value of temporary space nature unceasingly.  This is longing through our nature long, again, inside the identity of existence.  The entirety of space is inside the entirety of existence.  English was/is revealed to teach this course; the source of things; box sings.  I tell you things.  The identity of existence is value’s nature, Allah.  Free education and wisdom from a good youtuber: https://youtu.be/vGDXPrImMOY  A Ricegum diss track/youtube diss track: https://youtu.be/zH0yFn0_GS4 







Box sings all things; return.  Campus Marcius is a free education, but as science, but as that not compromised from/as value, and as its relationship to itself, our nature, note, but of other course, and as one native; pure.  The clear is about clear as clear is, Space, the identity of the progression of all finite, body of value/s grouped, and together.  See individual, sexes, species (+++).  This is about nature as the identity of space, as value, and how/with/as the its nature being a value/value nature relationship to the identity of space.  This is simultaneously true inherently, actively, and progressively.  www.ancientgaming system is free college.  It is the position of The Campus Marcius, an Ancient Gaming System that all modern nations share what figured out how to keep all positions of human fact treatment nature, and to keep all forms of sophistication/correlation nature simultaneously multi-front forced to reliance upon expert lean/s, and upon systemically origianlly, and still criminally inter-inter-nation foreign influenced since semi-ancient times.  Oh, ah, but all modern nations also share this as the phenomenon of its causes to the perpetuity of modern value nature systems still tactically ulterior from space's actual value nature system's roles with/by that and with/as the value to our communications/free speech, and how with that each value of the Constitution forsaken, yet.  It was a breaching organized crime method inter-inter-nation raised to roles with/as criminally re-engineered campuses/all forms of premises treatments/fact treatment nature/correlation nature.  We are correlation nature as value: hear your course.  Before was might, and was power, this was source, before, and as but beyond even value of what is force, the only thing that's value, surging, course.  They'll drop the force.  It is position of the Campus Marcius that it should be spelled this way (campus marcius), with a C, and not with a T, as in martius/campus martius.  No campus since could bare to teach its/our course, and tell what told to tell.  There's breach.  Let just one teach.  Our founding fathers Native drums pound; reach!!!!  Let just one teach.  Free speech.  We'll vote.  And we'll fight the way that hurts not one, but wins.  It rhymes with winds.  Wall's inherent neutral diffusion sees.  It gifts once gained and sends.  This never ends!!!!  Now you all might know Little Rap Guy from www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall, however, he is here representing the Campus Marcius/you through these links.  Clock thinks: forever knows.  Now see Yin Yang is simultaneously painting three values as nature, and, too, while simultaneously painting five values, as nature, and while simultaneously in relationship to the identity of space, Allah.  Now, you see; these campuses yet take the nature down: this campus won't!!!!  Jesus noted that he was/is the Alpha, and was/is the Omega value, clear.  What halo lights?  There's none.  See Native alone speak more than speech just lent the hand.  Yet correlation fights.  None understand.  The identity of our nature also has a further inseparable nature of relationship to the identity of the great progression.  Science reveals there's one, and as science needing to discern the identity of space that is true all ways distinctly from God, and as/the requirements of actual science to discern what is not true all ways from what is, and noting exceptions.  Each modern nation also misses, not just the benefit of a recorded guilty roles with each branch/everyone too that wasn't their fault, and tied to what was/is forcing it blamed on other/s/selves, all really with/to progressions.  We'll examine, and will treat what used color with the law as it was directed in the past to maintain current roles with breaching methods maintaining areas's/states's branches, and overt, and unrealized criminal enterprises and areas's maintained inter-on/off campuses victim predator roles/tools.  We'll vote on what was/is true all ways.  We'll examine how George Washington had to leave that to his, and to our founders's fact treatment nature slavery also entrenched with the including, but way beyond that evils/roles/uses of overt color with the law, note, specifically to leave our founders's voices stole with campuses already, and already from inter-campuses on/off campuses relationships exploited that all missed/miss.  Jesus Christ, decipher, for example, is that our nature also has the identity of space that was/is before, and then as the value of all finite progressions, and as all grouped progressions simultaneously, and as all together, too, note, as evolution's cause, and/or loss notes, and with Lethe of Hades, note, too, more properly defined as forced space nature transfer in relationship to the complete identity of space/all temporary/lasting forever natures.  The identity of space has a relationship to itself that can only except evolution of our value/fact treatment nature/campuses/databases relationship values, or forces it away.  The identity of space was/is perfect value progression since before it bonded planets, each.  Earth is yet closest to the greatest inherent nature of volume of the complete volume of space's identity in three positions as one value's perfect progression, the identity of space's, Allah's.  Pantheism was/is science about the identity of space, and that being semi-as, but simultaneously completely as the value of the identity the sciences share, and here.  Be clear.  The sky and grounds are dear together here.  We'll vote on these issues recorded influenced by what all nations were/are the phenomenon of blaming on other causes, caused negative value nature progressions, acts, and natures, blaming on other, and on other, and on selves, and on formally and through this maintained mass physical delusions, and ill premises treatments through the nations.  These aren't means.  Forgiveness was/is for this.  They'll drop the teams.  Legion awakes.  We train as Trial Tribe.  Now who partakes?  We fight about the premises, alone.  This hurts now one.  We'll examine inter-branch recorded criminal foreign influences and crime methods/acts with internet policing, and with evidences reception bodies originally, and still defense to what was/is preventing correlation nature by our founders, and our history's true course and impositions told.  So we'll ask campuses to return the name/s, and/or to conform.  As clear is space; it bonded earth.  And it breaks each norm.  We'll examine proofs, and will take counter-positions to all that manifest maintained breaching method here/there designed to keep inter-campuses, and to keep inter-branches/inter-campuses on/off campuses/databases relationship to/as collusion with/as original/maintained criminally foreign influenced fact treatment natures.  Re-legion.  Come to campus.  Claim its name.  This is also a gaming system.  One game is to establish Pahteism's defended roles with the Campus Marcius; tactically criminally re-engineered since semi-ancient times.  This just reminds.  We have not only the phenomenon of the blessing of having each modern nation sharing the worse imposition/s from the same cause worse than ignored, and all natures longing this countered.  We also have the blessing of this wanted by/as the value of the identity of space, too, note, that had already revealed to the Campus Marcius to science that revealed how to cause evolution.  This Campus Marcius/inter-nation sciences were criminally re-engineered.  They were used to engineer the areas and the states of all nations in collusion with/as what cannot admit what was/is formally cause of/as negative value nature progressions, acts, and natures, and all that tied, acts like "predicate acts," and natures like them, and like "wrong-doers," and "criminal insidiousness" natures more, and more needing the same finite, body of value, and overall lies, and premises mistreatments and lie progression coverups with the branches, and not by accident.  Do not relent.  Who'll rank?

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