The Four Seasons and the Fifth Semi-Nature of the Identity of Forever

By: Anthony Wall

One identity of value progression is coming to, from, as, with, and for all things, and as itself, the identity of forever.  It is one identity all other identities of value progression share sequentially, distinctly, non-distinctly, simultaneously, and with another distinct identity of sequence nature, as well.  There is spring, is summer, is fall, is winter, and is this gaining a little bit more, and a little bit more of its complete possession over/as all parts of space/existence nature.  The trinity/Trinity, and Allah's name were revealed to teach about this in ancient times.  This is more probably than that conceived as, and having been concieved as practical by semi-ancient, and then/now as modern sciences.  Box sings....  YouTube channel creator Anthony Wall, myself, I am not trying to say that I communicate better than everybody.  Since founding, all locations, areas, and states were being, and were/are having been used remotely, and further to/as even more juxtaposed motivaitons, and as more and more natures of "criminal foreign influences," maintained manifest to allow only voices of/as logic racketeering natuers, and liars in response to anyone with/as logic's actual integrity's words, and ways, and means, and sequence true. 


There are evil uses of them also originally, and still self-valued roles with all peaceful means to counter the worst threats, and impositions, them in collusion through/as this, too, everyone blaming on all that juxtaposed really influencing people to say, and to be evil, and so all perpetually hiding what was/is haivng bonded to keep that, and all its identities of its bodies's titles, jobs, and people's fact treatment nature justiciations used remote, worse than worthless.


It is recorded that, and how campuses of each age, and of each nature, they were/are being, and having been used by a human fact treatment racekteering method/s bonded.  The main method has fact treatment nature defenses self-defeating, as sequence treatmetns self-defeating, and in collusion with/as what self-values all the negative value nature progerssions, acts, and natures that nature demonstrates in relationship to the tactically denatured relationship to ground/quality of fact treatment/s/value treatments nature standing we are, humanity, and as they really are, the seasons.  The seasons are four of five bonded identities of sequence nature.  By: Anthony Wall  Please subscribe to my youtube channel at  And please check out the Ancient Gaming System at  This answers questions about why we have seasons.  It answers life's questions about how we have seasons, as well.  And so it is also about for what we have seasons, humanity.  This is about earth's actual value/value progression.  Also have the holiday season is about this sequentially, distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously, and with/as value for another bonded identity of sequence nature, as well.  Alpha and Omega are this course, the way of things, and with the algegraic variable called god/God.  This is more probably how the sciences revealed science working.  Below is a Little Rap Guy and Friends episode featuring the seasons, as well:   10/26/2019


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