Self: the Human Self

This is about humanity's invisible, but still discernible, five increasing natures of volume as value, note, volume as value, and value as sequence nature/sequence nature as value, and simultaneously.  This is true, is not true, and is also so differentially in demonstration of it.  God was an algebraic variable revealed by the ancients who revealed English.  Pantheism is science about the invisible, but the still discernible identity of value progression/increase perfect, and attached to, and as the increasing value of/as all things, again.  Box sings: Yin Yang goes inside of the capital letter O (O) of the English Language.  The capital letters are drawn not just to teach, but to hold for self/ves manifest what the identity of value progression perfect is when, where, and how as temporary/lasting positive.  Where the lowercase letters/values are discernible, simultaneously, this is where, and is simultaneously how we are not sure if the one/three/five simultaneous identities of sequence nature are positive to/as the one identity of value progression, or not, and regarding it's identity f relationship to/as itself that is distinct, is non-distinct, and is simultaneous onto/as all parts of/as all things at once.  This is Algebraic Consciousness, by Anthony Wall.  I'm not even a doctor, but am an expert on the nature of English grammar, and so on the identity that is attached to/as all parts of/as space nature, again, as what will only increase earth's value/s, and/or force that from here, Lethe of Hades.   Here species move as one.  And then we seize.  The timeless campus calls you through the breeze.  Box sings....  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel at  By: Anthony Wall, also known as Romulus.
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