English Grammar, school, and Timeless American and Human Species Education

By: Anthony Wall

Anthony is also a YouTube channel creator referred to as Romulus.  This is also Romulus science.  #Romulus

The letters/values of the English language are revealed to teach about the simultaneously inherent-open, about the simultaneously bonded-active, and about the simultaneously closed-inherent identity of relationship that the one identity of space/existence has to/as itself.  English is revealed not just to communicate, but is revealed in demonstration of how one identity of relationship to, as, and from all parts of/as itself is self-generating.  The ancients demonstrably used this science/s, having more sophistication about space nature/existence than sciences have had since semi-ancient times.  Of course this is simultaneously distinctly, non-distinctly, and progressively not true all ways at the same time.  Obviously we also have understanding about space nature that ancients couldn’t fathom.  All ways, it is critical to understand how English was/is still revealed by/as this sophistication as the identity that space/existence have simultaneously distinctly, non-distinctly, and progressively.  For example, the ancients demonstrably had more sophistication regarding exactly how earth has a simultaneously distinct, non-distinct, and simultaneous relationship to the rest of space nature.  English was/is revealed to teach how so.  This is an important video for Connecticut, for New York, New York, and for America and the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVKwQqnHsNY

Forever has an identity that is self-generating; as a/the nature of volume attached to all other identities of value progression also as forever nature’s nature of volume.  Ancients also demonstrably used this science, not to believe in the trinity/Trinity, but to understand it using science.  Heaven and hell are used as algebraic variables, not just to teach this, but to be guided by forever’s identity of value progression’s identity of relationship to/as itself, and with/by the value of that.  For example, the ancients knew how to reveal evolution’s fruits, and gifts, and by these means.  One way redeems.  See evolution’s course here now restored.  It is implored you know: box sings….  Oh, ah, it tells us things you know: box sings….

Anthony Wall, I am an expert on the nature of English grammar.  And nature is identity this way.  Earth has a simultaneously distinct, non-distinct, and simultaneous relationship to forever’s identity’s complete nature of volume.  For example, science reveals that/how earth is is closest to the greatest inherent amount of forever nature’s already generated complete identity’s inherent portion of/as forever’s self, again, self-generating.  https://anthonywallromulus.wixsite.com/yinyang  This is the best place to learn about the seasons: https://anthonywallromulus.wixsite.com/seasons  #letters #values #English #language #seasons #academician #free #educational #education #nature #forever #time #timeless #ancients #evolution #evolutions_fruits #heaven #hell #Anthony #Romulus #YinYang #home




Music Science and Music Theory Liberation

This is Music science, for example, and theory based off of science.  Formal takes on, with, to, and from science/s, however, since semi-ancient times, they have effectively human fact treatment nature breaching method been maintained roles with/as, and natures with, as, and worse than just as "criminal insidiosuness" natures, as tools, and as worse than weapons, and as worse than just breaching screens pretending to be other, and so individually (+), grouped (++), and and together as identities of law, and of logic integrity claimed formally patriotic, but through "criminal foreign influences," and so as worse than just roles with uses of/as this.  So motivations for inter-sciences obfuscations of/as each science used to keep the identity the sciences share, used to keep the identity of relativity that is the identity of evolution from being discerned, and simultaneously while pretending other, this has maintained "Music Theory," self-defended as roles with, and as natures with, and to, and from "criminal insidoiusness" natures of "sense," and of "sensibilities," note, and so of/as treatmetns of positive as "criminal insidiousness" natures, and so self-valuing also from off campuses collusion that the identities of all the hundreds of nations share through shared educational systems, note, all tactically criminally re-engineered value/s treatments of the criminally re-engineered Campus Marcius/Campus Marcius, and this led by the identity the sciences share.  So it is not Ground Theory to say that the seven notes of octaves have an individual, grouped, and is all together simultaneously, as a/the nature of volume's nature of relationship to/as itself, the identity of forever making more of its identity as each/the nature of volume, and nature being identity's complete relationship to/as itself.  It will only stay two identities of sequence nature that are incompatable with/as themselves in relationship to their/our active state/s, again, individually, grouped, and together the same nature of volume connected three ways increasingly individually (+), grouped (++), and together (+++), and this as increasing value as the same identity, too, again, two other identities of sequence nature with/as these three.  (+++) can also be negative to the one identity of value progression's identity of relationship to/as itself.  its identity's relationship to/as itself, and the value of that, and the value of that further, it is one identity that is inseparable from/as that relationship to while as, and while from, and while whit the seven bonded letters/values/notes of/as the sounds of the English language.  English revealed nature's identity has the sounds having an this identity, too, individually, grouped, and together distinct, non-distinct, and simultaenous value to the identity we are not only in relationship to ourselves, but to it, again, and to the value of that also two ways further inseparable from/as us.  This is Volume Science, for example.  Theories on Relativity, and theories on Volume where are backed through "criminally foreign" influenced fact treatment nature, premises treatments, sequence treatments, and identity racketeering treatments, denials, and natures all mass fact treatment defenses locked/invested incapable of defending logic with/as such, and any state, and/or in any area of every nation, humanity from what maintained/s the value of all identities self-valued "criminally foreing influenced" qualities of fact treatment's elements natures.  What does law have to do with music, and with the seven repeating notes?  This requires discernment of the differences between positive as "criminal insidousness" nature, and positive that is not with our nature's complete nature's nature of relationshyip to/as itself negative, and to/as 1/3/5 identities of relationship/s to/as iself to/as all parts of/as itself distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneously.  So we have obligations to demonstrate recorded how not one identity of expert, and/or of law, and/of the sciences, and/or of premises treatments is allowed free speech unless roles with all that having exploited, and continuing to exploit, and to be used to maintain treatments of each person, group, and everyone together stayed verbal violence, and stayed verbal identity racketeering, and stayed sequence racketeering against anyone needing to use logic properly, and not by accident, this being everyone.  Please subscribe to my youtube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/romuluswall

For example, to call it grounded is not completely right, but this waht it is called in relationship to the difference between pitch, and octave.  An octave is a grounded complete/semi/simultaneous relationship to the complete identity they share together distinctly, non-distinctly, and simultaneosuly, and in relationship to the two other identities of sequence nature as inseparable affect/s natuer/s, as its own incompatable with temporary/active value/value progression but one way/s also distinctly, non-distinctly, and also simultaneously.  English was revealed by the ancients as an unceasingly valuable (+), or negative (-), relationship to/as its identity of value progression's way properly inseparable from, and as, and to, and with the value/s of/as all things at the same time increasingly, sequentially, and simultaneously as a further increasing semi-nature of/as that together, and how science revealing as value as two distinct identities of sequence nature of/as this same bonded one further.  See https://www.ancientgamingsystem.com 


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The identity of forever is coming to, from, as, with, and for us positive (+), or negative (-), as a quality of diffusion/Diffusion, life....  The letters of the English alphabet, letters ABC are bonded, for example, and by/as what is manifest to, from, as, with, and for them as one identity's identity of relationship to/as its trinity/Trinity.  We are studying the invesible, but still discernible.  The five space nature defined parts of capital letters/values A, B, and C, they are open grounded, starting with the bottom of the capital letter A.  The invidisble, but the still discernible is our subject/s, and with predicate volume.  Ancients demonstrably understood that, and how history is a collection of subjects.  And that is a collection of identities of bonded predicate value, too, simultaneously.  That's why history is masculine.  Its teaching, as each of the sciences's, its, and theirs are through criminally foreign influenced identity of the ground's identities of bonded sequence natures.  They are simultaneosuly five bonded distinct identities of positive.  This is grounded-open, is closed open in the top part of the capital letter/value A, and it is two more bonded closed in body of letter portion/value portion space nature portions, these two inside the two parts of the capital letter/value B.  And the C is open.  10/21/2019

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